Our Story

The Beginning

The Greater Lake City Community Resource Center opened it’s doors to the public on Thursday, June 28, 2018 with a private reception. On Saturday, June 30, 2018, the Resource Center and its parking lot was full of community stakeholders and citizens who were curious about its function.

The New Hub

No longer the old Chevy dealership, as it was affectionately called by locals, the Resource Center began to make its mark in the community with the introduction of several programs and educational opportunities. With a vision to become the “hub” for communal resources, the Resource Center is carefully building its foundation daily so that many years from now, it was still be “the place” for local assistance.


The staff of the Greatre Lake City Community Resource Center is always here to assist you with your needs.

Mission & Vision

The Greater Lake City Community Resource Center's mission is to make such an impact in our community that citizens are empowered and encourage others to improve. With the creation of the Resource Center, Lake City now has a “hub” for the creation of programs that offer a range of charitable, human service, educational and community development activities and projects that will not only restore hope in residents, but promote self-sufficiency.

Alexzondrea Harrison


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Sharon Brown

Administrative Assistant

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